I love shooting on the street. Urban environment is never short of good shooting spots and perfect lighting for us photographers. For Great Vancouver the best place is of course, downtown. But there is a problem with it and it’s not the permit (yet). I’m one of those photographers who doesn’t like lots of people walking by when shooting. So downtown is always somewhere I hate and love. I’m always wondering if there is a nice and quiet place in downtown with good backdrop. Finally I find a place like that and it’s totally by accident.

It was a simple shoot that I booked with Savanna and Amy. No stylist or designer, no makeup artist. Very small team. Because I know we’ll have to be very mobile, I brought minimal amount of gear with one extra accessory B+W MRC ND filter. If you joined my workshop before you might remember I said I hate ND filter, because I got a lot of flare with it. My photographer friend Michael Taylor told me I might using the wrong one. He recommend multi coating ND and B+W is pretty good. I was still not 100% sure because my first experience with ND is so bad. After 5 minutes trying this new filter I’m sold.

To learn more about the Pros and Cons of High Speed Sync and ND filter, more important how to properly use them to get the most out of them on your photography, join one of my workshops.

Model: Savannah Groot, Amy Lundman