Do you want to learn:

  • How to blend your light with ambient?
  • How to get the natural look with your flash?
  • How to get the soft look with a small modifier?
  • What type of modifiers to use and when to use them?
  • How to use your light to make your subject standout?
  • How to compete with the sun?
  • How to do all this least amount of gear?
  • How get 90% of the work done right on your camera and spend minimal time on editing?

Among all my workshops, this offers the highest value. Not only this is the most hands on workshop, it can also be customized to fit whatever you want to learn the most. We’ll pick the theme you like. From street fashion, styled bridal to beach glamour. I’ll demonstrate how I blend strobe light with ambient. Where I place my light, at what angle, how far and with how much power. How all these variables change when the ambient light changes. How some small tweaks on camera and strobes can make huge difference. How to get the soft look and make your lighting subtle.  I’ll spend most of time shooting with you. Help you to setup your camera and lighting. We pretty much will get most of the shots done on YOUR camera. This is the most efficient way to learn how I light my subject and understand my process. We’ll talk about analyzing the scene, composition and how to best utilized ambient light. This workshop will totally change the way you shoot. It took me lots of time money and mistakes to get where I am. Doing this workshop allows you to skip all these. You won’t make the same mistakes I made, buy the wrong gear that I bought.  You will not just learn a lot in this workshop. It will save you a LOT of money by only buying the right gear.



$600 (3 hours)

$1000 (6 hours)   

If you want to bring a buddy:

$900 (3 hours)

$1500 (6 hours)   

Skype session

If you like to join the workshop but live far from me, I also have one on one Skype Session.

$100 per hour