Portrait Lighting workshop Nov 23-24

Day 1: Texas Renaissance Festival in Todd Mission TX

Day 2: Houston TX

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This 2 days workshop is designed for photographers who are shooting portrait using artificial lights like strobes, flashes or continue lights.

Within the 2 days we’ll go through all my lighting techniques of both location lighting and studio lighting. What will be covered in this workshop includes but not limited to:

Location Lighting:

  • How to blend your flash/strobe light with ambient.

  • How to get the natural look with artificial light.

  • How to pick the right light modifier for different ambient light.

  • How to decide where to position your light.

  • How to light at different time of the day.

  • How to light under different weather.

  • How to make your ambient light work for you instead of against you.

  • Working with one light on location.

  • Working with multiple lights on location.

  • My go to lighting setup for location lighting.

Studio Lighting:

  • Softboxes VS umbrellas

  • Silver VS white modifiers

  • Working with small modifiers

  • Working with large modifiers

  • Using reflectors

  • One light setup

  • Two Lights setup

  • 3 lights setup

  • How to light with bright background vs dark background

  • Lighting setup for headshots


Other than the lighting techniques, we’ll also go through the following topics which I believe are as important as lighting.

  • Camera setup

  • Using filters

  • Pro and cons of HSS

  • Choosing the right lenses

  • Analyzing the scene and picking the right background.

  • Composition (not just rule of third)

  • When NOT to use your strobe?

  • The difference between shooting in studio and on location

  • Trouble shooting. When you are not getting the look you want how to fix it? 

Time line:

Day 1

Location Portrait Lighting at Texas Renaissance Festival in Todd Mission TX (purchase ticket here)



Location Portrait Lighting at Downtown Houston


Studio Portrait lighting at Downtown Houston

Post editing 

This will be a very hands on workshop which means I’ll spend as much time as possible with each photographer to assistant them to practice my lighting techniques. The purpose is to let you better understand my thought process so it’s clear what changes need to make to get the same look.

What to bring:

  • Camera

  • Lenses

  • Your light if you want to me to demonstrate how to get my look with your light.

  • One Small modifier. These are some examples:

    • 24” beauty dish (silver or white)

    • 1x3’ or 1x4’ stripbox

    • Small umbrella

    • 2x3’ softbox

  • We’ll do demonstration with Profoto if you want to try our lighting gear make sure you bring a trigger that works with your camera on HSS.

Cost: CAD$700

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