Photography One on One Mentoring

 What will be covered:

  • How to blend your flash/strobe light with ambient

  • How to get the natural look with artificial light

  • How to pick the right light modifier

  • How to decide whereto best position your light

  • My camera setting and light setup

  • Working with one light on location

  • Working with multiple lights on location

  • Analyzing the scene and picking the right background.

  • Composition (not just rule of third)

  • How to make your ambient light work for you instead of against you.

Among all my workshops, this offers the highest value. Not only this is the most hands on workshop, it can also be customized to fit whatever you want to learn the most. I’ll demonstrate how I blend strobe light with ambient; where I place my light and how I setup my camera. I’ll show you how to change all these when the background and ambient light change. You’ll see how a small tweak on camera or lighting can make a huge difference. You’ll not just learn how. You’ll also understand why. All this is to make sure you can work by yourself after the workshop. There will be lots of hands on practice and you will get my look on YOUR camera. I’m shooting with Profoto but you can get the same look with any brand. Bring your own light if you want try everything using your own gear or you are more than welcome to use my Profoto.

  • Cost:

  • USD$600 (3 hours)

  • USD$1500 (8 hours)

  • If you want to bring a buddy:

  • USD$900 (3 hours)

  • USD$2300 (6 hours)

Online one on one training session available if you are from different town and can’t travel here. Post editing will be covered with no extra charge if you book online training.